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Mode : SCP type self-priming pump

SCP type self-priming pump is newly developed by us based on introduced US technology and has two types: cast iron type and stainless steel type. SCP type self-priming pump is primarily used for pumping ≤80℃ clear water or liquid and corrosive liquid similar to clear water in the fields of factory, farmland, flower nursery, disinsection, food, construction, fire fighting, irrigation and drainage, chemical and pharmaceutical, etc.

SCP is a kind of horizontal single stage centrifugal pump and has the self-priming function without the need of bottom valve. The watering for starting is only needed at the first time. By residual water in pump, the pump can be automatically vacuumized and then pump water.

Technical parameters:
Type Capacity
Head(m) Efficiency
Hs(m) Motor powder
50SCP 13 13 44 4.8 2.2 2900
75SCP 31 20 53 6.1 5.5 2900
Performance curve:
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